A few thoughts on Things By Maggie Silverston

Maggie Silverston, David's wife and soulmate was an exceptionally talented therapist on the Isle of Man.  She was also a treasured friend and teacher to many on the Island. In 2013 she was diagnosed with Motor Neurons Disease, and during the last months of her life between 2015 - 2016, she compiled her final teachings in this life - 'A Few Thoughts on Things'.

Below are the final teachings of Maggie Silverston...


A few thoughts on Things

By Maggie Silverston

Ancient Wisdom has existed in many forms for as long as creation. It is, and always has been, a way of illustrating the greater laws of the cosmos which govern all of existence. A way of attempting to make sense of, and navigate, the tricky waters that humanity must negotiate to survive and evolve.

Firstly, we are all challenged in deterrent ways according to our needs, but these would appear to fall into four main categories:

Relationships, Health, Money, and Power

The use, or misuse of these must be balanced before we move on. These four, and the many sub-groups which they represent, are behind the events and situations which we present ourselves with. We are very much the creators of our own reality, or in most cases the co-creators, since we create with others the exact circumstances we need for maximum exposure to the qualities we have chosen to acquire for our Soul leaning.

Remember that your Soul has chosen to live this life for reasons that may not be apparent to you, but are nonetheless for your Higher Purpose. The circumstances into which you are born -that is your ethnicity, wealth and lineage are exactly what you need for this and you will be born with all the necessary knowledge and connections in your heart to guide you.

So..... let us suppose that you have co-created a situation in order to learn, perhaps tolerance. You may well come into a life as an ethnic African, or white person in a racially intolerant society, much like South Africa under apartheid. This would effectively challenge you on at least two of the four categories above. As a person of colour, your ability to tolerate the misuse of power exercised by the white minority would create a variety of challenges in your life - think Nelson Mandela. As a white person, how tolerant would you be of those you perceive as 'different',' less fortunate by virtue of birth and circumstance than yourself?

What method(s) can you choose to move as quickly and easily as possible through these experiences to gain insight and understanding of your purpose in this life?

Below is ONE way, there are of course many , and it is for you to find what works best for you - all I can say is that this method has worked well for me and some of those I have been privileged to work with.


1. Get out of your HEAD and into your HEART. Why? Because the head is full of programmed beliefs which can muddy the waters and create false paths. The heart with its direct connection to spirit/AII-that-is -just knows.

Now, the simplest way of moving from the head to the heart is to imagine yourself inside your head walking up to a door marked 'lift' ('elevator' if you live over the Atlantic) step inside, see, and press the button marked 'heart', see/feel the door closing and the lift going down. When it stops, the doors open and you step out into whatever your sense of your heart space may be.

You may find another way that works better for you, but just remember, this is where you work from.



For being the creator of the events in your life.

This is hugely empowering once you get the hang of it, but may be tricky until you understand what is involved. For example, you have not accepted responsibility if you BLAME anything or anyone else for your situation.

If you feel GUILT then you have accepted responsibility but have not moved on and processed the situation, instead the energy is circulating round and round, growing stronger but not propelling you forwards.

If you feel SELF PITY then you have yet to accept that you are creating for your own learning and you are looking for validation of how much you have to deal with (poor me).

Any of these emotions will tell you where you are - effectively stuck in the situation.

How to move forward from here.....


3. Balance the JUDGEMENT

Of both the events and most importantly, yourself. Most anguish occurs because we have judged ourselves, usually by the standards of our current society and beliefs. We often think that others will judge us, but it is worth remembering that they are not walking in our shoes, so have no idea what events have influenced us or what our Soul's purpose is. And indeed, we should remember to give others the same courtesy by not judging them.

It is a truism that often we are our own harshest judges, endlessly beating ourselves up over our perceived inadequacies, instead of moving on into the next step. Often this is because of beliefs that we hold about ourselves which have been programmed into us early in life which lead to low self-esteem, 'not good enough', 'attractive enough', 'clever enough' etc. The most important thing that a parent can give a child after letting them know they are loved is a sense of their own self-worth, this is the air beneath the wings that love gives them.


4. Feel the FEAR

There are only two primary emotions, Fear and Love - all the rest are aspects of these two.
I say 'Fear' in this case because, if we do not feel Love in a given moment, if we are feeling a negative emotion in any situation, there an underlying issue of Fear - of something.

So - feel the Fear as fully as you can, imagine the worst case scenario and feel the emotion that it fills you with, do not avoid it. That will only perpetuate it longer on the principle that 'whatever you resist persists' i.e. you are feeding it by giving it your energy and attention. This is why keeping a positive attitude where possible is important, what you hold in your mind becomes your reality moment to moment.

'Your past failures are meant to guide you, not define you' -Anon.

Failure, if we allow it to be, is a signpost on the road to success; it says "not this way", this way is a dead end, a cul-de-sac leading nowhere. So, do not allow past perceived failures to influence your present, and so become your future.

Sit with the emotion for a while in your Heart - no matter how bad feels - before you move on.



Remembering that we create the circumstances of our lives in order to acquire experience and wisdom, it is nonetheless very difficult to process anything it we are swamped in an energetic maelstrom of emotional trauma.

So - having felt the emotion fully - release it to the Universe, or God, or Great Spirit or whatever your sense of The Creator energy might be ....... LET IT GO .......

It may help to breathe it out, focusing on the breath coming into, and releasing from, the solar plexus area. It can also help to use your imagination at this point - giving the emotion a shape or colour and seeing it disintegrate, dissolve and leave you as it moves out into the Universe.

For example if you are feeling overwhelming despair then imagine what the colour of despair might be - a grey mist perhaps - and see it leave you on the out breath to be replaced on the in breath with the positive opposite of despair, perhaps - 'hope' which you might see as yellow, and watch it flow into your solar plexus with your breath, filling the space created when the despair left.

Remember that it is just energy created by you and unless you Judge it as 'wrong' it just IS. Quantum theory tells us that everything exists within a vibrating field of energy, and this energy is neutral, neither good nor bad. We influence this field by creating events and situations with our thoughts and attaching judgment to it - this event is good, this outcome is bad and so on. When we can truly create and not be attached to the situation or outcome we will have evolved beyond the need for existence in a dimension which has Duality such as this one. That is to say the one we are in at present, where everything has its' equal and opposite quality..... up/down, in/out, sad/happy, big/small, smooth/spiky, negative/positive etc. The existence of duality in a dimension gives us the gift of Choice, so that we can choose how to be in any given moment. We can experience both ends of the spectrum if we so choose in order to better understand creation, and indeed, the quantum mechanics of how form comes into being.

Is darkness bad? How can we know light if we have no experience of the dark?

How can we discover true peace it we have never known anger?

Now ask yourself why would you have attracted this experience? what is the learning? What understanding about life and yourself are you exploring?

It has been said that there is no problem that does not have a gift for us; but the problem cannot leave until we accept the gift. And what is more the problem will keep presenting the gift in different ways until we accept it. The gift is Wisdom.

Look too for repeatil1g themes in your life - you are giving yourself a clue as to the wisdom you are working with.

Let us take an example: perhaps you have never experienced 'victimhood' and as a Soul you are curious, since this involves issues of acceptance of personal power and relationships .......

Firstly you would need to choose whether to be the victim or perpetrator, since you need both to create the full experience .....

Perhaps you choose to be the victim - in life you would gravitate towards a perpetrator, perhaps of violence or abuse of another form and having found them, live a life involving various degrees of abuse until your Soul becomes familiar with the experience of being a 'victim' and then ....

  1. Taking responsibility, you blame no-one, not even your abuser since they are merely the means of you acquiring the experience.
  2. You do not judge yourself for being 'weak' or 'powerless' instead you accept that you are in the process of learning and experiencing - by choice.
  3. You feel the emotion fully, perhaps the Fear of leaving the relationship, escalating violence, what will the future be, what about the rest of the family, what will others say, financial challenges and so on.
  4. You release it ALL to the Universe again and again until there is truly no judgment, or fear of the future, only the knowing that this was your choice in order to become stronger and more powerful, to understand and know yourself more fully.
  5. Embrace the wisdom, seeing life from the perspective of the powerful and compassionate human being that you are and always have been. Knowing that you have always been powerful, you have just chosen to experience it's polar opposite of powerlessness for a while to understand the concept of power better.
  6. Allow yourself to Love - yourself and your perpetrator, knowing that you do not necessarily have to like them....
  7. From this position of strength and power move forward with your life, taking appropriate action as needed.
  8. Be gentle with yourself, letting go of the expectations of 'self' that you have taken on from family and society, they are not you. Indeed the journey to yourself is the most exciting, fulfilling and amazing journey you will ever make.
  9. And - allow yourself time to work things through, fear can be tenacious and it is often enough just to face it a little at a time as you discover your courage.

So, if you find yourself lapsing into blame or guilt or fear or self pity or beating yourself up in any way, or your life is not working out the way you think that it should, then take a deep breath and go to point 1. on the list above and work your through - and keep repeating the process until there is less and less negative emotion remaining. From the perspective of quantum physics, something then happens to you - your vibration alters, it becomes faster and lighter and you expand and emerge into a higher dimension of being - automatically. In our case as humans at this time we leave 3D and enter 4D and eventually we will exist consciously in our 5th Dimensional reality.

You need know nothing about either quantum physics or dimensional realities for this to happen, it is the law of the cosmos. As you work on yourself (and there are no shortcuts) your vibration quickens and you evolve automatically.



I have been asked a lot in the past about 'Truth'. for example before the years 2000 and 2012, supposed milestones in human history I was asked what did I believe was going to happen? I truthfully answered "I don't know" I had no sense of impending doom or anything else for that matter. What I did have, and had had for some time was a sense of the underlying ground swell of change that was affecting human thought. You see I come from a time when to mention 'energy' in terms of the energy body of a human was new age at best and you risked being regarded as 'Woo Woo' and definitely flaky at the other end of the spectrum.

But Truth changes, what was accepted as weird then is accepted as fact now, particularly since science and the means to demonstrate and prove these facts regarding the energy body of the human being has emerged as solid technology.

But Truth is more than just the changing attitudes of society, it depends so much on your perspective and ability to see and accept the bigger picture and admit that you don't always 'Know'.

There is a lovely and well known Sufi parable which probably originated long before in India which explains the manifold nature of truth:

Long ago and far away there lived six blind men in a village. One day the villagers said "there is an elephant in the village" and because the blind men did not know what an elephant was they decided to go and visit it because although they could not see it, they would be able to feel it.

The first man held the tail and said "the elephant is like a rope"

The second man touched its' leg and said "it is like a pillar"

The third man touched its' trunk and said "it is like the branch of a tree"

The fourth man touched its' ear and said "it is like a big hand fan"

The filth man touched its' belly and said "it is like a huge wall"

The sixth man touched its' tusk and said "it is like a solid pipe"

Then they all fell into a heated argument as to who's description was correct, each convinced that he was right. A wise sage was passing by and, happening to hear the argument asked what the problem was. They said they could not agree on what an elephant looked like. He listened and then replied "each one of you is correct, and each one of you is wrong. Each of you only touched one part of the whole body, so you could only know a part of the whole. If however, you co-operate and listen to each others' views you will get an idea of what an elephant truly looks like"

So, when we let go of what we think we know and keep an open mind, being prepared to learn more, we will expand our knowledge constantly - and that is wisdom.

Applying Truth to religion is another challenge. My teacher said that "religions of the world are but facets of the One Truth, and only serve to divide man"

Believe whatsoever you wish, but be open to change, the right of others to have their own point of view and do not stick rigidly to any dogma which may be separatist and has its roots in another place and time. Remember - go into your heart and take responsibility, not just for your actions and thoughts, but be humble, acknowledging that we do not see the whole picture yet - and as soon as you think you do, you have limited yourself to that reality, are attached to it, and run the risk of becoming judgmental of those who hold differing views to yours.

Expectations of others can give us misery. Often people would complain that they are always being let down by others, being 'ganged up on' or that people cannot be trusted not to hurt you, talk behind your back, cheat you or otherwise let you down. This is often then interpreted as a judgment on ourselves - 'what's wrong with me that they are so mean?' whereas it is far more likely that they have just never been brought up to be considerate of others or to show compassion.

It sometimes helps to use the metaphor of horses and donkeys - If you enter a donkey in a horse race like the Grand National and it falls at the first fence whose fault is it? The donkey's or yours for having unrealistic expectations of him? Do not expect more of people than they have the ability to give and you will not be disappointed by them.

At this point it is also worth remembering that the other person may be in a very difficult situation themselves, and it is their own trauma and unhappiness that makes them lash out at others.

Happy loving people do not mistreat others knowingly.

I was thinking last night about writing and how I do not like to write, mainly because the gap between the thoughts I have and the written word as it emerges on the page is so frustratingly large. Take poetry for example, at its best - it is an economy of words creating oceans of emotion and vistas of other worlds. True craftsmanship. But I am a novice with words.

So reluctantly here I sit waiting for inspiration, although if I am to apply my former reasoning, there is a purpose to even this.

The flow of life is ever changing and evolving regardless of the aspirations and expectations of the small fully conscious part of humanity. Where in this world would we be without the love that flows to every particle of creation - in the great scheme of things - there can be no creation without the consent of the created.

Death is worlds away from the resistance to life. If that seems a strange concept to you, it was a revelation to me. When I began jotting these notes down I had been diagnosed for about eighteen months with Motor Neurone Disease - the cause of which is unknown and for which there is, at present no cure.

Being diagnosed with a 'terminal' condition, projects one into a space whereby you are forced to examine issues around death, dying and life. In particular around death.

Now, I am not and never have been afraid of death, so I found it curious that I should create the circumstances in my life where I was forced to confront death so intimately.

As nerves died, muscles weakened and melted under my skin and bodily functions fell away l initially pursued a 'cure' from https://accisotret.com. I did not think and indeed still do not think that any condition is incurable, but as time passed by and having examined and explored any promising avenues that crossed my path only to find them blocked or without lasting results I was forced to admit that perhaps this 'cure' would be discovered in time for someone else, but not me. Now, that is not to say that these methods wouldn't work for someone else, I just felt some of the diets that needed to be followed would be impractical in our house, also, the vast array of supplements required on some regimes were daunting for someone who found swallowing their own saliva a problem, not to mention the cost.

Nothing really appealed to me or 'engaged me' for long and, always a person who checked in with her own intuition, I gradually eliminated one after another whilst still acknowledging that the last thing I wanted was to be down the line somewhere and be thinking 'if only l had done this or tried that'. However I stay open to all possibilities.

So... what was l left with? ...... I began putting into practice the steps that are detailed above ...... Firstly moving into the heart:

Sitting in my chair with a warm kitten purring on my lap. Silent, In awe. Watching the beautiful golden tapestry of loving care being woven around me by beloved family and friends. Feeling my heart open wider and wider to places it had never opened before. The opening is physically almost painful. No words can express. Taking full responsibility for both my death and my life -

My life ...... I have slept out under midnight stars, swum naked in warm foreign seas, climbed inside ancient pyramids, stood in sacred waterfalls, breathed the air at the roof of the world and in temples before tourism annexed the atmosphere. Thanks to my wonderful and amazing husband I have mushed a team of huskies in the snows of Lapland, perspired my way through jungles, eaten some decidedly dodgy items of food, seen dancing mummies in a graveyard and iridescent blue butterflies as big as your hand from a dugout canoe, stood on the rim of an active volcano, and dipped my toes in the headwaters of the Amazon. I have brought two amazing souls into this world and watched with bated breath, much laughter and a few anxious tears as they have grown to maturity and into their challenges and triumphs.

I have had a career which I loved and which allowed me to explore new pathways of healing for those who came to me in pain and they in turn taught me so much more than any courses or book learning ever could. I have been fortunate to be here at a time when the paradigm of healing is changing and expanding, I have watched the bridges beginning to be formed between science and nature, between the body and the mind, between the reductionist and wholistic view of the body. ...... Such a life! full of love and joy and sadness and fear just like any other human, but so FULL And .......... aah that twist of pain in the gut ..... so much still to do, stories to read to grandchildren, watching them grow, games to play other babies to see born, all the joys of being part of a loving family as an elder now with some life wisdom to impart, being there my beloved children when they feel a 'wobble' so many more places to see with my wonderful husband, things to achieve, techniques to learn - so much more life still to taste ...... and yet, I where I am.

And so, I accepted responsibility for my life and my death. And was I afraid? Well of course I was! Initially I tasted fear, anger, despair and helplessness. But the more responsibility I accepted the less intense these feelings became and the more curious I was - why had I created this situation? I passed through the judgment, had I done/not done anything that I should have? Was I missing something obvious that had contributed to my condition? Time and again I racked my brains, but there was nothing obvious. In the quiet, dark, long hours of the night I explored and fully felt the fear when the next shallow breath did not come easily, breathing the panic out into the stars I could see through my window. And no, I did not manage it straight away, far from it, it took practice and some time but gradually it became easier and easier.

In my mind I explored the future possibility of becoming totally dependent on others, of losing my hard won independence and felt the sickening despair when there was no energy for even the simplest of tasks. I felt it, realised it, felt it and released it again and again. And I asked for help, no, rather l yelled silently (did you know you can do that?) at anyone in earshot in any Dimension for help - why was I creating this? there HAD to be a point to it all, so what was it?

OK, so my situation was neither good nor bad, it only had the power over me that I chose to give it. I could be angry or feel sorry for myself, my choice. My choice how I re-acted in every waking moment. So each time I felt overwhelmed I once more centred myself in the heart and became still. Then, making a conscious choice to act positively ...... what was I left with?

- I couldn't speak, the muscles controlling speech had given up - well, that makes me a better listener.

It also gave me endless amusement. Some dear kindly souls, on realising I couldn't speak would talk at me very LOUDLY and very SLOWLY, as though I had just lost fifty per cent of my marbles along with the power of speech! I had enormous difficulty keeping a straight face.

- I couldn't work - well that made me sit down and gave me time to think and to learn to delegate ( hard when you like things done a certain way and even harder for those who now have to do things under your watchful eye.)

- I couldn't eat - well, that was one excellent way to detox!

- I couldn't do things for myself - well that gave me the chance to appreciate the kindness and goodness of others.

- I couldn't breathe easily - well, I'm working on that one.

- I couldn't ...... at this point I ran out of 'could nots' so I decided to start looking at what I could do now that I couldn't do before.

The first thing that struck me was that given all this thinking time and using it to review things, I was gradually becoming aware of 'aha' moments when I looked back over my life in a detached way.

Ah, so that was why I went there, did that, met so and so, why I was sick as a child, why I chose the career path I did, why I married the men that I did. The thread of purpose started to reveal itself as it strung together the events that made up my life. And with it came an insight of that purpose, the challenges l had agreed to face and the fears that had materialized to prevent me from having the experiences I needed in order to fulfil my purpose in this life. Once the need to 'do' in life receded, all of a sudden things began to appear so clearly.

Quite a revelation! An overview of a life ...... and not done yet!

I was starting to hear voices (stay with me here!) with increasing clarity, mostly gently encouraging but with occasional predictions which proved stunningly correct. I had of course heard voices in the past but not with this degree of ...... intimacy, yes, that would be the best word for it. As always l challenged them as I had been taught so long ago, but I realised that I now 'knew' if they were of the light or not. It took me a little time to realise that in order to do that I had to have released all doubt, and self-doubt had always been a little black monkey on my shoulder. Maybe I'm not alone in that?

'Discernment' had been one of my challenges, I could see that now. That and 'Communication' - hmm wasn't doing so well on that one. A gypsy once told me that I would write a book, well, for pity's sake I could scarcely be trusted to string together a letter never mind a book.

But I'm running ahead of myself - 'hearing voices' - (well done if you're still with me). This has more to do with dimensional physics than the need for me to seek psychiatric help. Science has already proved that there are other dimensions that interpenetrate and occupy the same space and time as this one. Human beings are in, and are focused on this Dimension, which is Third Dimension. We experience reality in terms of depth, height and width (3D) and this dimension vibrates quite slowly, which means that everything has the appearance of being very solid and so we tend to think that if something is not solid, it is not real. Much like in science, if it cannot be 'proved' it is not real/can't work. However, I wonder how many people have had an experience where they feel on meeting someone for the first time that they have always known them? Or the phone rings and you know who is on the other end before you pick it up? Or you enter a room and it feels dark and heavy or sad for no apparent reason?

When this happens you are using a skill we all have which is our ability to perceive and utilize Fourth Dimensional qualities whilst in this Third Dimension. In other words we sense/feel something that is not solid, but nonetheless real. Hearing things, seeing things, sensing things that are not of this reality - you may call it Intuition or sixth sense. It is a skill, a quality that we all possess but have forgotten how to use. Humans are naturally telepathic too and if you've ever had a cat or dog sitting in front of you, looking you directly in the eye and you just knew that it was 'food' or a 'walk' you will know what I mean. In case you think I'm being too fanciful here, there are many experiments done in the field of psychology which illustrate these skills between people and animals too, co-incidentally they appear to work best between people who are close, or who love each other.

So, hearing voices or 'clairaudience' meant that I was connecting with beings in other Dimensions, sliding into a slightly higher vibration whilst still being physically in this one; slipping consciously between Dimensions, no longer totally fixed in this one. We all do this anyway when we sleep and sometimes may even retain a memory of it in the form of dreams. This is going to happen to all those who have chosen to consciously evolve at this time, a little at first and then more and more as people cease to doubt and begin to accept how vast their abilities are and how truly magical it is to be alive at this time in the history of humanity and on this beautiful planet. It is no accident that we and our children have embraced the magic of Harry Potter with such enthusiasm. We are waking up to our potential as multi-dimensional beings and sensing that we are powerful beyond our present reality. What fun! I woke up one night having 'slid' into another body. This body that I was wearing was definitely humanoid but at least eight feet tall and I had a sense of mild panic because I couldn't move at all, I was aware, but frozen. I then heard soothing voices telling me that everything was fine and hat movement would come, but for now to just absorb the information coming into my mind. I realised that I was being taught telepathically and also told that I was a baby in this reality, that I had a great deal to learn but also to know that everything was just as it should be, after all, I had the experience of being a human baby did I not and it had no control of its' body to begin with either. I also knew that this was a possible future for humans, and that the Dimension I had slid into was the Upper Fourth. But, Oh my, the LOVE - it was everywhere, penetrating every particle of my sense of 'Me' a warm sense of belonging and being lovingly cared for - consciously. This is of course our state of being here, we are truly never alone and we are loved beyond our ability to comprehend but we are so tied up in the negative heaviness of this Dimension that we are unaware of the loving assistance that is with us every step of the way and we forget to ask for the help that is our birthright. We are the pioneers, this is frontiersville as far as the Universe is concerned, we are as far from the Source of Creation as it is possible to go at this time in the history of this Universe. Make no mistake, if you are here now you are a strong Soul. You would have passed tests in order to be allowed to come here, and the rest of the Universe watches us in awe as we struggle with the darkness and negativity that has enveloped the planet. There is a team of helpers for each human but always we must ASK for help. We cannot be helped unless we ask because we have free will, so from other Dimensions they are biting their fingernails to help as they see us about to fall in a big hole. Were we to ask, they would signal turn left or right or jump! Of course we have to be listening to that inner guidance - the still small voice inside that will always guide us on the best path for our highest good.

So when we are quiet and not running around 'achieving' in this life or tying ourselves up with media and the toys that technology has gifted us then, we might be open enough to explore other avenues of being human ......

Prayer is one way of doing this, as is meditation or Shamanic journeying. Even certain hallucinogens when taken for the right reasons, that is to say in a structured or ceremonial setting and not purely for recreation or just to get 'high 'can be beneficial in opening up our perception.

When it was first suggested that I might record some of my impressions at this time, it was along the lines of helping others with the same condition see another perspective. I'm not too sure of the validity of this, simply because it is such an individual experience and, let's be honest here most folk when they get to the part about 'hearing voices' their reaction would be ...... puleez! ...... what is this woman on? However there may be some common ground elsewhere.

Some of the things I tried with varying results included electro-therapy - electrically stimulating muscles to try and maintain some function independent of the nerve supply. This is time consuming and can be a little uncomfortable but seemed to work for me in maintaining some of the muscles in my lower legs., although only for a limited time. A relatively cheap unit can be bought from Amazon, the make I used was 'Omron'. Since I have bulbar onset MND, meaning the muscles that control speech, chewing and swallowing are affected first with the obvious weight loss that results. I would encourage anyone in the same situation not to put off having a PEG feeding tube inserted and to use a larger diameter tube which will enable liquidized food to be taken as well as just liquid feed. Keeping weight on is important to avoid breaking down your muscles for fuel. You can find a great deal of information online. A method of treatment involving diet and supplements and graded exercise seemed promising and had been well thought through, but the progress of the lady using it became sparse and it was an enormous commitment in terms of time and money. Also I realized that it was, like a lot of other treatment regimes only looking at the way the condition manifested in the body as symptoms, now I am not saying that treating the symptoms is wrong, it has to go hand in hand with, where possible addressing the cause. Since this is largely unknown I looked at myself more holistically - what else was there? Well I had become aware of a conflict within myself between life and death. Although I very much wanted to live, there was a program somewhere in the emotional part of my brain that was in conflict with life, somewhere there was a directive that said living was problematic and this was sabotaging the cells of my central nervous system.

I had become interested in the work of M.T.Keshe, an Iranian physicist who is working with magnetic and gravitational fields relating to, among other things human health. He views the body as a series of interpenetrating fields which are governed by the physics of magnetism and gravity, two very basic laws of the universe. His treatment involves resetting the fields of the body where they are out of synch by the manipulation of these two forces. He too mentions the importance of the mind and how it influences - in this case adversely - the body.

His work makes sense to me and I think shows promise, it is just not advanced enough in terms of results to be useful for me at this time. It is also extremely expensive to become part of the treatment program.

Rife technology, that is to say using electrical frequencies to correct the body is another method which may be worth pursuing. An inexpensive unit is available online called 'Spooky 2'. This is being researched by those using it and again is very promising though still not addressing the aspect of the mind that may be creating the imbalance of frequencies in the first place.

And so it goes on, if you are reading this with the view to treating yourself then I wish you well - there is a cure out there so keep looking, just remember you may have to look outside the purely mechanistic view of the body.


I came
I was
And Now
I am

Maggie Silverston
1947 - 2016

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