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Personal Clearing

Having your energetic fields cleared of any detrimental influences, is an important part of health maintanance.  Whether it be to clear habitual negative thought processes, removing conscous energetical imprints of clearing stagnent energy within our energtical fields - a clearing can have an immediate impact on physical health.

Personal Clearings are done remotely and take 3 hours.  An assesment report can be provided upon request. Any travel costs not included.

Home and Business Clearing

Having your living or working space cleared is important not only in the home. It is equally important in places where a lot of people come together, or you have moved into a new property, areas where there was quite a bit of conflict and interactions or detrimental patterns, are occurring constantly.  A dowsing clearing is a specialised technique which clears and balances energies in your home, property, animals and people.  

Not only is a dowsing clearing beneficial for removing unwanted detrimental energies it will increase and enhance beneficial energies and strengthen them against any other influences. In a business environment, a routine clearing is advisable where clients come for treatments, counselling or accommodation is provided. The feedback is that after a clearing business is picking up again. 

Home and House Clearings are done remotely and take 3 hours.  An assesment report can be provided upon request. Any travel costs not included.

Hand Fasting

The word itself has its roots in both the Norse and the Anglo Saxon languages, with the Norse term hand festa and the Anglo Saxon word handfaestung both meaning ‘to strike a bargain by joining hands’. Later, it would come to be associated with the act of binding, or fasting, the hands of the bride and groom with a rope or ribbon, and is one possible origin of the term ‘tie the knot’.

Traditionally, the ceremony would take place during Beltane, a time when Celtic Pagans celebrated the fertility of the land and body. Couples would gather around a fire, where a Druid would perform the binding or ‘fasting’ of the hands, after which they were considered married.

The Picts and Vikings carried on this tradition, with handfastings often used to unite rival clans or forge alliances between two prominent clans where the son of a chief was handfasted to the daughter of another chief.  Traditionally, these unions were temporary, with the couple staying together for a year and a day. If a child resulted from the union it became permanent.

By the middle ages, the verb to handfast had come to mean “to formally promise or to make a contract” in the context of marriage. Thus, the word handfasting came to signify a betrothal or engagement, where a couple would join hands and declare their wish to marry in the future, usually done in front of witnesses.

Scottish Civil law recognised handfastings or ‘marriage by consent’ right up until the 1939 Marriage Act abolished them all together.  It wasn’t until 2004 that the Pagan Federation in Scotland gained the right for their celebrants to perform handfastings as religious wedding ceremonies once again.

Today, especially in the former Celtic countries of Scotland and Ireland, neo-pagans and non-pagans alike have adopted the tradition of handfasting as an alternative to a traditional marriage ceremony, drawing on the practises of the ancient Celts. Some choose to marry for a year and a day, while others renew their vows over the course of several handfastings,  and still others ‘for as long as the love lasts’.

Celtic Funerary Rites

Death is not a medical condition but a family event.

The Celts believed that how we live our lives, and the choices we make, will influence how and when we die and our journey to meet our Ancestors. May the World be a richer place because we have been here.

Celtic Funeral Rites is a path for those who wish to depart this world in the way of the Celtic belief system. From the period before the death to the ceremony of the departed after death, this beautiful process and ceremony are for those who wish to depart following this ancient tradition.

Return of the White Serpent + Kassoso

Return of the White Serpent + Kassoso

Return of the White Serpent – the true story of a spiritual quest. Through a series of bizarre synchronicities, healer dowser David found himself in a situation where he was reunited with his spiritual twin on a small tropical island in the South Pacific, where in a tribal legend there was a mythical link to the Isle of Man.

David’s book is a journal of his visits to the island. It tells of sacred ceremonies, initiations, tests and trials, tribal warfare and, when later accompanied by his wife Maggie, marriage.  It is a unique account of an endangered way of life with all its joys and difficulties.

Kassoso – The sequel to Return of the White Serpent, in this book David, the White Serpent, returns to the tribe in the isolated Pacific island of Vanuatu. For several years he has worked with the Black Serpent, the High Chief Wai Wai Rawi, to fulfil the ancient tribal myth of the Serpents reuniting to complete the original lineage of the first Grandfather, the Great Dragon Lord Tangarua. David describes his experiences and secret initiations to make the unique connection with Kassoso, the feared Dragon Men.

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