Workshops and Retreats

David's teachings are available to all.  Minimum of 6 people required.  Contact David on to enquire about hosting a workshop.

Shamanic Dowsing Beginners

Course requirements: There are no previous requirements for this course.

This is a 2 day how-to course for beginners that shows how to dowse using various tools such as a pendulum and dowsing rods. It is for anyone who is interested in developing their intuition and intuitive skills and learning how to dowse using Celtic traditional methods.

Within this course there will be theory and practice exercises, enabling you to grow and develop your dowsing confidence.  Other areas covered are Technopathic/Geopathic stress detection and correction.

Shamanic Dowsing Advanced

Course requirements: You should have previously completed the White Serpent Shamanic Dowsing Beginners course

Who Will Benefit From This Course?

This is a 2 day course for those who have completed and are practicing the techniques of the White Serpent Shamanic Dowsing Beginners course.  It is for those wishing to further develop their dowsing skills to work with others and seek a deeper understanding of traditional Celtic divination methods.

Within this course there will be theory and practice exercises, enabling you to further enhance and develop your dowsing skills.  This course enables you to use dowsing for various aspects of healing work, selecting remedies, chakra and energy work are included.


Psychic Hygiene in the workplace for therapy practitioners

Psychic hygiene for therapists and your environment.

Addressing the lack of basic psychic hygiene, especially within the healing community, and is intended to support participants in learning how to maintain Personal Boundaries and a healthy working environment.

Celtic Funeral Rites

Course requirements: You should have completed the White Serpent Shamanic Dowsing Advanced course.

Death is now seen as a medical condition. It is not! It is a family and community event.

The purpose of this course is that families will claim back their right to prepare their deceased loved ones in an environment of their choosing, ideally at home, with quiet dignity, honour and respect, to say 'goodbye.'

The course will also cover dying protocols so that the person dying and their loved ones are able to prepare for this magical initiation and transition.
It is not recommended attending this course if you have been recently bereaved.
Return of the White Serpent + Kassoso

Return of the White Serpent + Kassoso

Return of the White Serpent – the true story of a spiritual quest. Through a series of bizarre synchronicities, healer dowser David found himself in a situation where he was reunited with his spiritual twin on a small tropical island in the South Pacific, where in a tribal legend there was a mythical link to the Isle of Man.

David’s book is a journal of his visits to the island. It tells of sacred ceremonies, initiations, tests and trials, tribal warfare and, when later accompanied by his wife Maggie, marriage.  It is a unique account of an endangered way of life with all its joys and difficulties.

Kassoso – The sequel to Return of the White Serpent, in this book David, the White Serpent, returns to the tribe in the isolated Pacific island of Vanuatu. For several years he has worked with the Black Serpent, the High Chief Wai Wai Rawi, to fulfil the ancient tribal myth of the Serpents reuniting to complete the original lineage of the first Grandfather, the Great Dragon Lord Tangarua. David describes his experiences and secret initiations to make the unique connection with Kassoso, the feared Dragon Men.

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